Claiming a national family holiday on Snapchat for HEMA

With the Sintersizer, HEMA invited children countrywide to take part in HEMA’s Sintersongwriter competition by writing and composing their own Sinterklaas songs. The Snapchat campaign covered advertising, filters and animations, user-generated content, reporters and influencers.

Objectives & Strategy

Increase awareness and downloads of HEMA’s new Sintersizer app. Drive followers to engage with the HEMA brand in a fun, engaging, and highly interactive way.
Creating entertaining and engaging stories, with an custom style in both the animations and filters. Live stories during the many HEMA events, enriched with influencer content. Let people be part of the HEMA story using user-generated content.

Stories in the HEMA story consisted of both ‘real life’ and drawn content

Enriched with custom made assets based on traditional campaign figures.

Real life content
Custom filters & animations

Filters and animations

With the use of our software Snaps we added multiple animations and filters to make each story stand out.

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