Capturing Lowlands Festival through the eyes of thousands of visitors

Experiencing one of the most popular festivals in the Netherlands through the eyes of visitors, artists and reporters. This summer we made a three day user-generated live story on Snapchat.

5.5K+ rec. Snaps
81% engagement

Goals & Solution

Reach visitors and non-visitors with compelling content filmed at the festival. Interact with followers before and during the event to gain user generated content.
Captivating stories in the two months before the events, using our unique software. Producing a real-time custom made live story with content from visitors & reporters at the festival, strengthened with custom animations and filters.

We curated the Lowlands story with thousands of snaps gained from the festival grounds.

In this way both vistors and non-visitors were amazed with the fascinating things happening at the festival. Instead of using a couple of television cameras we had access to thousands of cameras capturing the experience. We received over 5000 snaps from almost 10% of all the festival visitors.

User generated content

Our reporters captured all the highlights, from backstage to the festival grounds.

With the help of our unique software we made it possible to use multiple reporters on location. All reporters had a tight schedule since content was uploaded within one hour.

Custom filters

Using custom animations and filters to enrich the content we received.

Our live moderation team added custom animations and filters to the content we received from visitors, artists and reporters. These tiny pieces of art were made to leave a better impression of the festival and artists.

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