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GoSpooky is a creative agency and software platform. We're specializing in the strategy and production of content that understands its mobile-first consumers.
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Snapchat is our
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GoSpooky was born on Snapchat. However, awesome content isn't bound to a single platform. Our strategies focus on optimizing content for all relevant platforms.

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We’re advancing the way vertical content is created
and consumed.

With an in-house team specializing in vertically oriented content, we are providing brands with video solutions custom made for mobile. We specialize in the strategy and production of creative, effective and engaging content.

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Building audiences
with our unique software

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Our intelligent reporting capabilities provide brands with realistic insights on all social media channels. Optimizing content on Snapchat, Instagram (Stories) and other channels is all made easy by our advanced software.

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Nominated in both Youngest and Media list for the Forbes 30 under 30 list of 2017

GoSpooky on Dutch national television: De Wereld Draait Door.